Incapable Saviors and Wannabe Lords

John 21:1-25 – After Jesus’ resurrection, He regathered His disciples to reinstate and redirect them. We must remove substitutes from our lives to ensure we are following after the truly Matchless One.

North Greenville Fuge 2022 Recap

I watched Jesus do some amazing things at Fuge Camp hosted at North Greenville University on July 11-16, 2022. It was an honor to preach and serve alongside an incredible staff and some solid churches.

The Sinking and the Saving

Matthew 14:22-33 – Jesus walked on the water in a storm that almost capsized the disciples. Through His example and invitation, He invites us to follow Him through difficult circumstances to reach people who need hope.

The Opportune Time

Luke 4:1-13 – Satan tempted Jesus when He was isolated and weakened. When temptation comes to us at opportune times for failure, we must stay connected to Jesus.

The Tomb Is Still Empty

John 20:1-21 – You cannot follow a risen Savior and simply go back to a normal life. If the tomb is still empty, then everything has changed.

I Am Barabbas

Mark 15:6-15 – Sinless Jesus went to the cross while guilty Barabbas went free. Barabbas is a physical representation of a spiritual reality for every one of us.

Matchless One

John 4:4-30 – Jesus encountered a woman with inaccurate beliefs and immoral behavior, He sought to help her find peace in both areas. Jesus is not afraid to address the critical areas until His role in our lives is unmatched.

Ridgecrest Fuge 2022 Recap

The Spirit moved among Ridgecrest Fuge on June 13-17, 2022. The theme was “Matchless One,” and I was honored to preach for the camp.

Dwell [Fuge 2021 – NGU Recap]

I am so amazed at by what Jesus did at North Greenville University for Fuge 2021. I had the privilege of serving as Camp Pastor from July 13-17, 2021 for a life-changing week.