I Am Barabbas

Sermon from Fuge 2022 – North Greenville University

Mark 15:6-15 – Sinless Jesus went to the cross while guilty Barabbas went free. Barabbas is a physical representation of a spiritual reality for every one of us.


  • Pilate – Some people make all their decisions to gain the crowd’s approval (15:6, 8).
  • Barabbas – Some people attempt to rid themselves of unwanted authority (15:7).
  • Crowd – Some people’s envy causes them to wish harm to others (15:10).
  • Acceptance / Authority / Advantage
  • Jesus – The matchless one was willing to take the place of the condemned sinner.


  • Isaac & Jesus Parallels
  • Jesus took the place of a man whose name means “Son of the Father.”
  • The One who did no wrong took the place of one who had done all wrong.
  • Pilate’s question is the most appropriate to ask: “Why, what evil has He done?” (15:14).
  • Jesus never attempted to secure His release because He came for our redemption.
  • Barabbas is a physical representation of a spiritual reality for every one of us.
  • Jesus was willing to take your place.

Spoken Word

I am Barabbas

The true son of my father, Adam if you care to bother

I was born into original sin

Steeped in the ways of the devil, all my life I’ve been a rebel

My greatest enemy always lurked within

I am Barabbas

I’ll do whatever I decide, casting authority aside

No one has the right to rule over one like me

There’s a price you must pay, if you stand in my way

Challenging my will requires audacity

I am Barabbas

Guilty due to my sin, rightfully charged and condemned

My punishment is unfortunate yet just

There seems to be no other way, I have no chance to escape

My penalty will send me back to the dust

I am Barabbas

Who is this man next to me, he is not a common thief

What could he have done to deserve this sinner’s cross?

Defend yourself and speak, this is no time to stand by meek

Why does it seem to me that you have accepted this loss?

I am Barabbas

They will set one of us free, there’s no chance it could be me

But this man refused to make a case of his own

Decision made by the crowd, it’s my shackles that fall down

And the innocent is left there alone

I am Barabbas

The guilty freed on a whim, hearing echoes of crucify him

It seems unfair that the sinless took my place

He’s completely at peace, he came securing my release

There’s no reason outside of his grace