You Lack One Thing

Each of us has that one thing that really has us. It is difficult to follow Jesus closely if you delight in something more than Him.

Willing & Able

Mark 1:40-45 – Not only is Jesus willing to meet us in our problems, but He is able to change our lives in the midst of them [Sermon at Anderson University Campus Worship].

Seeking Community

In our age of pseudo-community provided by digital technology, we are missing out on the connection we were designed to meet and need. If you struggle to find your footing right now, it may be because you aren’t standing beside others.

Turning Tables

Mark 11:12-21 – Jesus once rid the temple of those who used religion to take advantage of others. We must continually evaluate our character and congregations to see what tables Jesus needs to turn over among us. 

Holistic Mission

Throughout the years, Christianity has struggled to maintain the proper balance of sharing both the gospel and compassion. As followers of Jesus, we are called to display His kindness in both word and deed.

I Am Barabbas

Mark 15:6-15 – Sinless Jesus went to the cross while guilty Barabbas went free. Barabbas is a physical representation of a spiritual reality for every one of us.

Sequential Steps

One of the things I think we do poorly in ministry contexts is motivating people to change without giving them clear steps to improve. When it comes to discipleship, people need more than abstract concepts; they need sequential steps.

How Should We Interpret the Gospels?

The four Gospels all tell the story of Jesus but are delivered to different audiences from different perspectives. To understand the truth contained fully within them, we must understand the context in which they were written.

Dismissing Jesus

When Jesus delivered a man from demonic possession, the people had less acceptance of the deliverer than they had for the demoniac. When Jesus threatens our comfort and convenience, we can seek to rid ourselves of His presence as well.

Distinctly Hopeful

You can be hopeful in the midst of suffering in this life. Your confidence can be in the fact that Jesus can handle any situation that you encounter.