Dismissing Jesus

When Jesus delivered a man from demonic possession, the people had less acceptance of the deliverer than they had for the demoniac. When Jesus threatens our comfort and convenience, we can seek to rid ourselves of His presence as well.

North Greenville University Chapel – October 27, 2021

Mark 5:1-20

  • We live in a culture that criticizes good as evil and redefines evil as good.
  • The people of God feel more at home in culture than they do with Christ.

Redemption (5:1-13)

  • Satan’s work always spreads, separates, and sabotages (5:3-5).
  • The demon recognized Jesus (5:7) more than the religious did (4:40).
  • Satan’s plan for your life is to drive you off a cliff (5:13).

Rejection (5:14-20)

  • Some people are more comfortable in the presence of sin than they are in the presence of Jesus (5:15).
  • People are OK with Jesus making changes until it affects their comfort (5:17).
  • Every redemption story should cause us to marvel at what Jesus can do (5:19-20).


  • Are you currently being influenced more by the world or the Word?
    • Mixed beliefs
    • Modified ethics
    • Misplaced priorities
  • Our rescue from sin is contingent upon Jesus’ willingness to suffer for it.
  • Every single person will either be eternally separated from Jesus or seated with Jesus. 
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