Turning Tables

Mark 11:12-21 – Jesus once rid the temple of those who used religion to take advantage of others. We must continually evaluate our character and congregations to see what tables Jesus needs to turn over among us. 

Sermon in North Greenville University Chapel


  • How disappointing to realize that what appears fruitful from afar has nothing substantial to offer (11:12-14).
  • Those looking to exploit the guilt of others have no place among the people of God (11:15).
  • Jesus opposes ministry leaders profiteering off the poor (11:15-16).
  • We have grown comfortable with the type of religious segregation that infuriates Jesus (11:17).
  • Spiritual elites feel threatened when confronted by the teachings of Jesus (11:18-19).
  • Jesus’ opposition guarantees that whatever He condemns will eventually wither away (11:20-21).


  • We have made Christianity more about advancing our agendas and platforming our personalities than serving our Savior.
  • Different forms of elitist snobbery exist in every religious generation.
  • Jesus is committed to refining His people even if it endangers reputations. 
  • We want the feelings of revival without the pain of repentance.
  • Don’t continue redecorating tables that need to be overturned.