Willing & Able

Mark 1:40-45 – Not only is Jesus willing to meet us in our problems, but He is able to change our lives in the midst of them [Sermon at Anderson University Campus Worship].

Jesus Loves Us This I Know

Jesus loves me, this I know, but the Bible tells me that He loves us so. The widespread form of His love teaches something important about His heart and our need for one another.

Leading Like Jesus

Jesus single-handedly altered the course of history and is the most influential person who ever lived. As a homeless teacher, His ministry emerged from obscurity to a worldwide impact based on uncommon humility and power.

Preparing for Easter

As much of the world pauses this week to remember Jesus’ death on the cross and celebrate His resurrection from the tomb, have you ever considered how to best prepare? Following these simple steps can help you grow and reach others this week.

The Just Injustice of the Cross

God possesses both lavish extensions of grace and unwavering standards of holiness. These two seemingly competing principles find their peace at the cross, where Jesus takes the just punishment unjustly for our sins.


John 1:9-14 – Since we could not make it to heaven, heaven came to us. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus would change everything.

When Christmas Songs Misrepresent Christmas

Some of our beloved Christmas songs take our eyes off Jesus, but even some of the sacred ones are not exactly scriptural in their content. To understand what happened on that first Christmas, we need to go back to the book.

Fear Not – You Are Favored By God

Luke 1:26-38 – God graced Mary so she could carry Jesus in her womb, and she was willing to follow His plan no matter the cost. The favor of the known God should also diminish the fear of unknown circumstances in our lives.

Christmas Is in Need of Radical Reformation

In all the hustle and bustle of Christmas activity, it seems as if we lose Christ in the midst of it all. We must learn to slow down and quiet our souls if we can celebrate Jesus during this time.