The Bread of Life

John 6:22-40 – For people who desired another heavenly handout, Jesus offered Himself as the only thing to sustain us. Only through Christ can you be truly satisfied.

What Happened Then

  • Jesus had recently fed a large crowd, and they were seeking the next handout (6:10-11, 22-26).
  • Jesus warned them about pursuits focused solely on meeting physical needs (6:27).
  • Being a disciple of Jesus is based on belief and not performance (6:28-29).
  • God graciously meets our physical needs in a way that points to our greater ones (6:30-33).
  • In a world full of letdowns, Jesus is the only thing that can truly satisfy (6:34-35).
  • Since God initiates salvation, those who receive it cannot lose it (6:36-37).
  • God knows all about us yet still desires us to be with Him throughout eternity (6:38-40).

What Needs to Happen Now

  • Acknowledge the numerous ways that God has met your multifaceted needs.
  • Remedy your discontentment by ceasing to pursue things that can’t satisfy you.
  • Evaluate if you are seeking what Jesus gives more than who Jesus is. 
  • If you seek eternal satisfaction, look nowhere other than Jesus.