The Sinking and the Saving

Sermon from Fuge 2022 – North Greenville University

Matthew 14:22-33 – Jesus walked on the water in a storm that almost capsized the disciples. Through His example and invitation, He invites us to follow Him through difficult circumstances to reach people who need hope.


  • Jesus intentionally led His disciples into a storm from which He would save them.
  • From His elevated perspective, Jesus always knew where His disciples were and what they needed from Him.
  • The exhilaration of following Jesus can be robbed by the distraction of something lesser.


  • Jesus will use any means necessary to redirect you to where you need to be.
  • If I have to be in a storm, I want I AM with me.
  • Fear of what might happen can rob you from the joy of what could happen.
  • It’s a shame to be so distracted that you miss what Jesus is inviting you to do.
  • Jesus won’t even allow our best efforts at sinking to keep Him from rescuing us.
  • Where is Jesus calling you?
  • What might distract you along the way?