2021 Sermon Series

As I prayerfully considered where we are spiritually as a church, I felt the need to address certain issues with biblical truth. I am so excited to have God’s Word intersect our lives in these specific ways as we go forward.

Here is the plan for the 2021 sermon series (Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise…).

Sermon on the Mount

[Countercultural Living for Kingdom Citizens] – Matthew 5-7 archives the greatest sermon in the history of the world. As Jesus gathered His growing followers together, He taught a simple yet thorough overview of how Kingdom citizens should live. Christianity is more than a mere association of rules, but it is a complete dedication to a countercultural lifestyle.


[Learning to Trust God Again] – The prophet Habakkuk struggled with God’s plan in the world because it didn’t meet his expectations. He didn’t hold back from asking hard questions, and God didn’t refrain from providing hopeful answers. If you have struggled with what God has done or allowed others to do, it is time to learn how to trust God again.

Family Proverbs

[God’s Wisdom for Your Home] – Most of us know all too well that the closest people can bring the deepest hurt. Family relationships suffer from unnecessary pain because we fail to apply God’s clear yet direct instructions. If you want to experience a godly home, you must apply biblical wisdom.  

Psalms [Vol. 3]

It’s difficult to process the state of the world if we are unsure about the nature of God. The Book of Psalms reveals God’s character and our reasonable response. Allow these Scriptures to align your affections and determine your directions.


The brutal burden of busyness is doing significant damage to our souls. Instead of being devoted, we are distracted. Instead of feeling focused, we live frantically. We normalize stress and neglect stillness. If you feel overwhelmed with the pace of life, let God’s Word expose you to a different kind of standard.

1 John

[Walking in the Light] – Disciples cannot shine a light if we are stumbling in the dark. Too many followers of Jesus struggle with an assurance of salvation, the standard of truth, the call of obedience, and the path of unity. Don’t settle for a dimly-lit faith, but pursue a fully illuminated lifestyle.