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Down But Not Out

The people of God know what it is like to be down but not out. No matter the opposition we encounter, our God continues to hold us steadfast.


Are You Praying With Wrong Motives?

James warns believers that certain prayers will not be answered by God. Regardless of how eloquent the words that are used or how passionate the pleas may be, God has promised not to give what…

Dangerous Desires

There is great danger when we look for ways to disobey our God. There are dangerous desires of which we must be aware.

Highlighting Honesty

You can tell our culture doesn’t see lying as that big of a sin when we always categorize our deceit as just “a little white lie.” Bearing false witness speaks clearly about our character and teaches others…

How to Make Distinctive Disciples

I love watching how God works through David Sons and the folks at Lake Murray Baptist Church in Lexington, SC. I had a great time recording this podcast with him regarding discipleship in the local church. You can check it…