The Messiah

Within the concluding pages of the Old Testament, the people look for the long-awaited Messiah. As the New Testament opens, we are introduced to Jesus the Christ, and the world has yet to recover from his invasion for redemption.

The Exile

After severe warnings from numerous prophets, God’s people refuse to repent and reap the unfortunate consequences. God’s people are sent into exile and have to learn how to live for God in a land that did not.

The Kingdom

At the height of Israel’s power, the people dramatically collapse. The grandeur of King Solomon’s kingdom is undone quickly as a result of idolatrous compromises. A nation splits, a people rebel, and prophets call for repentance.

The King

Once God’s people established themselves in the land, they desired to have a king like the other nations. The problem with their reasoning was that their qualifications for a king were insufficient. They received what they wanted but not what they needed.

The Excursion

As God’s people wandered in the wilderness, His faithfulness continued to them regardless of their unfaithfulness toward Him. As they entered and settled into the Promised Land, they had to yet again make a decision of who they would follow.

The Exodus

God created a world and covenanted with a people. As this family grew into a nation, they were sovereignly placed into the most powerful nation in the world. This nation now had the opportunity to tell all nations about the God above all other gods.

The Patriarchs

As God works through a family to usher in redemption to the world, the opening pages of the Bible portray a grouping of fragile people prone to multiple failures. Despite their missteps, God proves His unwavering faithfulness time and time again.

The Beginning

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. With that opening line, the Bible begins and God’s grand narrative for redemption never looks back. Beyond those opening lines, do you know what God is trying to communicate?

Bible Reading Challenge

For all the failed attempts at reading God’s Word, you still have this nagging desire to know it better. Instead of wallowing in regret or focusing on failures, make a plan to go forward. You can read the Bible. You can know God better.

Bible Reading Basics

We all know the discouragement that comes when we attempt to read the Bible with great eagerness only to quit once a personal streak is broken. If we are going to be committed to knowing the God of the Bible, we must maintain our time in it.