The Revelation of the Christ

As we continue our Christology, this week we are focusing on the teaching ministry of Jesus.  This is the Revelation of the Christ.  Through his preaching, he displayed the attribute of wisdom as he proclaimed words of life.

Nobody taught like Jesus.  No one will ever teach like Jesus.  He was able to communicate long messages to all types of people and his words survived in a mainly oral culture for us to read today.

Some things to remember about Jesus’ teaching ministry:

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The Selection of the Christ

As we continue in our Christology series, we have now arrived at section 5 – the selection of the Christ.  This section deals with Christ calling his 12 disciples and thrusting them into ministry.

Jesus’ calling of the disciples displayed the attribute of grace.  When you look at this rag tag group of men he chose, there isn’t anything special about them.  In fact, if you were on a pastor search committee and drafted up a list of qualities you were looking for in a spiritual leader, you would probably list out things that none of these men possessed.  They weren’t obvious choices, and yet, they were Jesus’ choices, and for that, they would develop into who Christ had called them to be.  The old saying is true here: Jesus doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

Here are some things to note during this time of ministry:

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The Temptation of the Christ

Continuing on through our Christology, we arrive this week at the Temptation of the Christ.  This event reveals Christ’s holiness.  He was set apart, and while he was fully God, he was full man, and he never sinned.

In his 33 years of life, he never rolled his eyes behind his mother’s back.  He never kept more money than he should.  Never had one lustful thought concerning a woman.  Never used his words to demean another.

After his baptism by John, Scripture teaches that Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the Devil himself.  It also seems a test like Job’s in that God is leading Christ to the wilderness to prove to Satan his undeniable holiness.  What’s interesting is that while Satan is a worthy adversary, his tricks have not really changed.  He’s not the most creative of sorts.  His temptation to Christ was the same as the temptation in the Garden of Eden: “Are you sure God’s Word says…”

He still uses it today, doesn’t he?

Here are some things to note:

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Make More Money

Money is a tool. Money is not moral or immoral. It is amoral. It can be used for good or bad. Money in of itself is not evil. The love of money is the root of all types of evil (1 Timothy 6:10).

In fact, God is not against you making more money. It’s actually a good thing. Read Ephesians 4:28 and find out why:

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The Consecration of the Christ

This week in Bible study, we focused on the consecration of the Christ.  This stage shows off Jesus’ immensity.  This period, spans age 2 to age 30.  This time period covers the largest section of Christ’s life with the least amount of information, but it mainly focuses upon Christ growing and John the Baptist pointing towards him.

Info to remember from this Christology section:

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The Anticipation of the Christ

At North Side, we’re all about discipleship.  In addition to discipling our worship team on Wednesday nights, I am also discipling a great group of college students right now.  These guys come over to our house on Wednesday nights and we get into the Word.  This semester, I am teaching this group, and our worship team, through the gospels.

We are doing a Christology of sorts.  A study of the life of Christ is normally organized around speculations or disagreements instead of simply going to the text.  In this study, I am using 14 main events or categories of Jesus’ life to get a clearer picture of the historical figure and the world-changing Savior.

Last night, we discussed the Anticipation of the Christ.  We actually started in our previous session by teaching through the entire Old Testament in one night.  I told the big picture of God’s plan from the beginning.  The blank page in between the testaments reveal a 400-year period of silence where God said nothing to his people.  While Israel waited to see if God would speak again, God brought a word in the Word himself!

In John 1, the apostle teaches that Jesus was that Word in the beginning at creation, and not only was he with God, he was God.  Just like the light that God created with a simple word in Genesis, at the fullness of time, the Word appeared and was the light of man.  The darkness could not overcome the light, the Word, the God in flesh who dwelt among us.

During this study, we also looked at the reasoning and information concerning the difference of the 4 gospels.  Four gospels were written because 4 authors had 4 specific audiences that they were educating concerning Jesus:

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The Sins of Omission

If you were raised in church, you were probably warned concerning certain sins. Oftentimes, different churches have certain sins they really highlight to which they really want you to abstain. It seems that Christianity is often perceived as the “thou shalt not” religion.

In your experience, what are the top 5 sins that you have been taught to avoid?
Thou shalt not have premarital sex?
Thou shalt not drink, smoke, or chew (or date girls who do)?
Thou shalt not curse?
Thou shalt not gamble?
Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain?

Did you ever know that there are sins of omission? These are the failures to do the “thou shalt’s.” Take a moment and read James 4:15-17.

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I Wish My Life Would Change

You want a better life than you have right now.

I may not know you personally, but I am sure of that fact. You want more money in your bank account. You wish your boss saw you were deserving of a promotion. If you are married, you wish your wife saw that you were right all the time. If you have children, you would jump for joy if they just obeyed you the first time you gave directions. You may be somewhat pleased with your life right now, but you deeply wish it was better. You earnestly desire a blessed life.

We all desired to be blessed, but are we willing to receive the blessing?

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