Coupled Companions

Your marriage needs healthy support around it in the form of consistent, Christlike friendships. If you want your marriage to strive, ensure that you have people around you who desire the same thing.

When Spouses Disagree as Parents

A married couple can agree in the majority of areas of their lives together, but if they don’t stay aligned in their parenting, the entire family will feel the stress. What happens when spouses disagree in their roles as parents?

Achieving Authenticity in Marriage

Every person craves the ability to be truly authentic with one other individual in life. Marriage is the God-given environment in which we should be able to be completely exposed yet surprisingly accepted.

How Sensual Exposure Affects a Marriage

One of the greatest threats to sexual purity and marital intimacy is the exposure of immoral material present in our society. Being a member of this culture ensures that you have been exposed to sinful content and suggestive comments that distort sexual sanctity.

Reprioritizing Relationships

Once you are married, you must reprioritize every relationship in your life to be subordinate to the unique and exclusive relationship with your spouse. This shift doesn’t mean that you end all other relationships, but you must reprioritize them.

Disregarding the Marriage Owner Manual

Within his carefully crafted manual, God teaches me everything I need to start marriage well and to see it to completion. So, why do I resist learning from Him and try to do it on my own?