Date Night [Beloved and Friend]

The current times can easily discourage any individual but also distance any marriage. I want to help you strengthen and cherish the blessing that is your marriage.

Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

No matter how challenging your marriage is, you can find help. Discover potential marriage separators, and do what you can to avoid them in your relationship.

Avoiding Divorce

While divorce is permitted in the Bible, it is never promoted in the Bible. Learn what Jesus had to say about those considering dissolving a marriage union.

Your Spouse’s Pride Is Hurting Your Marriage

Do you believe that your spouse’s pride might be hurting your marriage? Could that be said of you as well? It’s always easier to spot pride in your spouse’s life than it is to acknowledge it in your own life.

Love Your Kids By Prioritizing Your Spouse

As you lovingly teach your children that your spouse comes first, you are modeling healthy marriage for them, maintaining emotional security for them, and maturing your own marriage before them. Never neglect the task of shepherding your children in the ways of the Lord (Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:4), but never forget that one of the main ways you can do that is by loving their other parent.

Avoiding Adultery

A marriage cannot work with three people in it. Whether you have been guilty, considered it, or believe yourself to be immune to the temptation, it’s time to get real about avoiding adultery.

What Pornography Does to a Marriage

In many homes, the marriage is overcrowded due to how one or both partners have consumed pornography. This voyeuristic pandemic is robbing couples of marital oneness and sexual enjoyment.