Help Me to Matter

Precious Jesus,
Help me to matter.

Save me from a life of complacency,
Days filled with apathy,
Concern without empathy.

Let me not wander passionless,
Aimless, frivolous, unambitious;
But keep me driven
To the point where I appear obsessed.

Stir up my pathetic, comfortable state.
Shake away my carefree, unintentional lifestyle.
Invade my casual life and make me dread the norm.

Let me live in such a way as to make You proud,
Yet others uncomfortable.

Let me breathe not for selfish consumption,
But to obtain momentary strength to work for You.

Let me wonder not the moments left,
But dread the moments missed,
The chances lost,
The opportunities devoured by selfishness.

Let the beating of my heart
Remind me of the shortness of this life,
And please help me live.

Do not let me tarry over when I will be gone,
But wipe me away now.
Destroy any thought of self.
Murder any notion of personal gain.
Pummel my kingdom
To use it as a tiny, insignificant speck in the building of Yours.

2 thoughts on “Help Me to Matter”

  1. Wow, Travis! When did you write this? I was wowed, but not surprised because when I’m with you (around you), you aim to display exactly what Jeff preached about yesterday … Paul telling the people to do what they have seen him do and to live what he had shown them.
    (1Cor. 4: 16-17 and 1Cor. 11: 1)
    Thanks for being an encourager, Peggy

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