Lessons in Spirituality on “24”

This week, in my new favorite show, 24, there was a great lesson in postmodernism. If you don’t know, postmodernism is the favorite pattern of thought in America today. Its basic tenet is that there is no absolute truth. Your truth is truth. Mine is truth. Even if they absolutely contradict, they are both true.

Brilliant, huh?

On 24, Doyle, the rough CTU agent who seemed to be persecuting a Muslim on the show revealed his softer side by trying to move on with the Muslim lady, Nadia. He quoted from the Koran, to which Nadia seemed shocked he had read it.

Doyle said that he had read the Koran, the Bible, and Upanishads. Then he said, “You’re lucky you found your answers. I’m still looking for mine.” This was an accurate depiction of where a lot of America is spiritually.

When truth becomes personal and negotiable, it ceases to be truth.