Rejecting Cultural Compromise

Psalm 119:113-128 – Our world is rampant with people who not only defy God’s Word but persecute anyone who seeks to do the opposite. We cannot compromise commandments to be accepted by our rebellious culture. 

Jesus Will Make You Pick a Side

If you really follow Jesus, He will demand you to express clear allegiance. Your relationship with Him will also cause others to determine their interaction with you based on how connected you are to Him.

God Loves Justice

Exodus 21:33-23:9 – In addition to God’s commandments instructing individual behaviors, He also provided a type of order in which society could thrive. In these multifaceted commands, we realize that God loves justice and a culture that embodies it.

Controlling Comparison

Many of us struggle with a poor image of ourselves because we live in a culture that constantly showcases everyone’s filtered, glamorous snapshots of what seems to be perfect lives. It’s dangerous for our souls.

All Beliefs Cannot Be True

Students desiring to follow Jesus in college must decide how they will define truth. If you don’t know what you believe or why you believe it, forces can successfully alter your worldview based on cultural opinions.

I Don’t Belong Here

In an ever-changing societal landscape, Christians often feel more out of place. The standards of this world will war against the biblical mandates, and therefore, we ought to feel different.

Identity Crisis

Each of us must decide how we will determine the identity of God and ourselves. With many options out there, on what foundation will you stand?