Rejecting Cultural Compromise

Psalm 119:113-128 – Our world is rampant with people who not only defy God’s Word but persecute anyone who seeks to do the opposite. We cannot compromise commandments to be accepted by our rebellious culture. 


  • It is a reasonable response to despise how people waver on God’s Word (119:113-114).
  • It is often necessary to reorient our rhythms and relationships to keep our integrity (119:115-117).
  • There is coming an eternal reckoning for all who remain defiant to God’s truth (119:118-120).
  • God will protect those who trust Him and reject the culture’s ways (119:121-124).
  • Believers ought to anticipate God providing all necessary wake-up calls (119:125-126).
  • Value God’s Word over every false way prevalent today (119:127-128).


  • Do not be surprised that a culture does not follow the ways of a God they do not love.
  • Your interactions with an evil culture shouldn’t include sinful reactions.
  • Hate every false way (including your own).
  • If you really believe that sinners will go to hell, then why aren’t you sharing the gospel with them?

Memory Verse

I carefully follow all your precepts and hate every false way.

Psalm 119:128