God Loves Justice

Exodus 21:33-23:9 – In addition to God’s commandments instructing individual behaviors, He also provided a type of order in which society could thrive. In these multifaceted commands, we realize that God loves justice and a culture that embodies it.

Restitution (21:33-22:15)

  • God desires His people to take full responsibility for their actions.
  • Even if jails had been available, restitution would have been preferable.
  • Allowing loved ones to feel the weight of their consequences might prevent further ones.
  • Blaming others for your mistakes only prolongs the needed reconciliation.

Purity (22:16-20)

  • A commitment in marriage is necessary between a man and a woman before enjoying its benefits.
  • The more we sin, the more distorted our desires become.
  • Any attempt at meeting sensual desires outside of biblical marriage is sinful.
  • The consent you need to be worried about obtaining is God’s.

Oppression (22:21-23:9)

  • Taking advantage of others does not please God.
  • Show favoritism toward God by allowing His justice to prevail in human interactions.
  • A nation must operate with a country-first practice, but a Christian is to commit to an others-first mentality.
  • God is more concerned with how we handle the people we meet than the policies we keep.

God has a standard of right and wrong and supports those who seek to uphold it.