Giving Out from What You’ve Been Given

Exodus 25:1-9 – God instructed the people to give in specific ways to create a place to meet with Him. The offerings of these formerly enslaved people are much like ours – given from the overflow of God’s provision.

The God Who Draws Us Near

Exodus 24:1-18 – After God provided the commandments, He ratified a covenant with His people. A sacrifice was essential so that the people could experience close fellowship with God.

Rituals for Renewal

Exodus 23:10-33 – God expected His people to observe weekly rhythms and calendered festivals to recall His presence in those moments they needed Him most. We ought to build patterns into our lives that remind us and the generations behind us of God’s continued faithfulness.

God Loves Justice

Exodus 21:33-23:9 – In addition to God’s commandments instructing individual behaviors, He also provided a type of order in which society could thrive. In these multifaceted commands, we realize that God loves justice and a culture that embodies it.

Revering God and Respecting Others

Exodus 20:18-21:32 – After the Ten Commandments, God provided Moses with additional instructions that seemed varied and extensive. At the heart of these commandments, we understand that God is expounding on how we fulfill the first ten in our respect for Him and others.

Practicing Contentment

Exodus 20:17 – The tenth commandment cautioned against coveting anything that belongs to someone else. We cannot practice contentment if we constantly compare what God has provided us with what we see adorning others.

Upholding Honesty

Exodus 20:16 – The ninth commandment prohibited the people from bearing false witness against each other. God is truth, and His people should be known for being truth-tellers.

Safeguarding Possessions

Exodus 20:15 – The eighth commandment discouraged the practice of stealing. If we trust God for what we need and work diligently to provide for those around us, we will never need to take what belongs to another.

Cherishing Marriage

Exodus 20:14 – The seventh commandment warned the people against breaking marriage vows and entangling themselves in forbidden relationships. To avoid adultery, we must cherish marriage.

Protecting Life

Exodus 20:13 – The sixth commandment forbids the taking of innocent life. As people distinguished by the image of God, we must respect and protect that same image in any and every life we encounter.