God’s Guidance Leads Out

Exodus 40:36-38 – Throughout all the Exodus journeys, God had proved Himself faithful for the path still yet to come. Like the Israelites, we are grateful for God’s deliverance in the past and dependent upon God’s guidance in the future.


  • Rescued (Ex. 1-11) – No matter the enemy’s resistance or the people’s unworthiness, nothing stopped God from saving His people.
  • Redeemed (Ex. 12-19) – God set the people free through the sacrifice of another, and they began their journey toward the Promised Land. 
  • Redirected (Ex. 20-23) – After God established them as His people, He provided instructions to show how they were to live differently. 
  • Restored (Ex. 24-40) – Through God’s instructions for worship, He provided a path toward mending their relationship when sin transpired.
  • After all that had transpired, God’s presence was their constant peace and surest guidance.
  • Through the pain of their mishaps, they learned that it was foolish to take a single step without the LORD’s direction.
  • God would never deny them a leading, but their post-salvation success would be determined by how well they would follow. 


  • Moses’ name isn’t mentioned in Exodus’ first or last paragraph because this account isn’t about him. 
  • Don’t settle for a mediocre life by prioritizing your agenda over God’s will.
  • On the verge of something new, remember God’s faithfulness and anticipate His guidance.
  • Favor resolutions that will make you holier over those that make you healthier or happier.
  • If you’re not there yet, then keep moving forward.