How to Get Your Eyes Off Your Circumstances

It’s not easy to endure challenges when they continue to increase. The only way to get your eyes off your circumstances is to refocus them on something greater.

In the Book of Exodus, we discover God’s plan to rescue the enslaved Israelites. It includes calling a runaway man named Moses. He was born into an Israelite family, rescued from genocide, adopted into Egyptian royalty, and ran from the consequences after he tried to rescue a slave via his own strength. God interrupted his plans at a burning bush where he revealed his name as Yahweh.

After Moses learned Yahweh’s name, he returned to Egypt to fulfill God’s calling on his life. Even though Moses had plenty of excuses to give, he eventually confronted Pharaoh, but he did not receive the response he had envisioned (Exodus 5:4). Instead of releasing the Israelites, Pharaoh increased their workload and lowered their resources. A bad situation got much worse! As Moses reeled from the new set of circumstances, he wondered why God would have ever sent him in the first place. Curiously, Moses doesn’t use Yahweh’s name when speaking to Him when overwhelmed with fear (Exodus 5:22).

Have you ever been overwhelmed with your circumstances? Maybe you know what it is like to do what God has asked you to do, only to be met with more opposition. It can be discouraging. You not only doubt what to do next, but your faith may begin to weaken. Moses was in the same spot. But instead of God leaving Moses in his disbelief, He spoke to him in a way to reinvigorate his hope.

To get Moses’ mind off of his towering enemy, Yahweh reminded him of His superior strength. These frightened Israelites could only get their minds off Pharaoh by refocusing on Yahweh. They had lost sight of Him because they were obsessing over their enemy. 

“I am the LORD. I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as God Almighty, but I was not known to them by my name ‘the LORD’” (Exodus 6:2-3). Yahweh reminded Moses of history, of how He had been faithful through generations to get them where they were currently. Abraham should have never had a family, Isaac should have never seen adulthood, and Jacob should have never made it to Egypt. Yet they all experienced those moments because of Yahweh’s faithfulness. The entire Israelites’ story hinged on the fact that God had been present among them through numerous difficult situations. If they had made it this far, couldn’t Yahweh create a way past Pharaoh?

Yahweh made a covenant with the Israelites that He would not break (Exodus 6:4). He was not removed from their suffering but uniquely attentive to their hurt (Exodus 6:5). Through miraculous acts, Yahweh promised to redeem them through His great power (Exodus 6:6). He wanted this suffering group to be the people He would call His very own (Exodus 6:7). Even beyond the present situation, Yahweh promised to bring them to a land where they could dwell (Exodus 6:8). 

If Yahweh had kept His promises up to that point, they should have no reason to doubt that He could continue to do so for the challenges ahead. Neither should we! The way to endure through present hardships is by believing in future promises. What you are experiencing now is only temporary, but Yahweh will carry you through any circumstances to the glorious end that is guaranteed.