Remembering Who We Are

Exodus 34:10-35 – Before reminding the people of some of His expectations, God restated His unique commitment to them. The distinguishing characteristics of our lives are wrapped up in the promises of God.


  • God’s unique commitment to His people should encourage unrivaled devotion to Him (34:10-14).
  • Extreme caution was needed so that God’s people didn’t drift toward ungodly practices (34:15-16).
  • God reiterated His instructions so that His people proved distinct in the world (34:17-26).
  • God’s words are etched in stone, so we can’t erase them when they seem inconvenient (34:27-28).
  • After extensive time with the LORD, Moses radiated with noticeable, glorious evidence (34:29-35).


  • God maintains the right to remain jealous when we misdirect our affections.
  • If you are a child of God, He has called you to be different than the world.
  • Beware of alliances that seem personally advantageous yet morally compromising.
  • If you aren’t flourishing in life, it’s probably because you aren’t faithful to God’s instructions.
  • Let your time with the LORD be so consistent that others can observe the change.