Identity Crisis

Converge 2023 Breakout Session

Each of us must decide how we will determine the identity of God and ourselves. With many options out there, on what foundation will you stand?

Everyone has a standard (even if they’ve never considered what it is).


My standard will come from:

  • Inside Me – Feelings
  • Beside Me – Culture
  • Behind Me – Traditions
  • Above Me – Scripture

Matthew 16:13-23

Confession (13-20)

  • Regardless of what others believe about Jesus, each of us has to decide for ourselves.
  • Truth is not invented by us; it is revealed by God.
  • Jesus built His church on the truth – not an opinion.

Confrontation (21-23)

  • Peter envisioned Jesus to be the victor – not the victim.
  • If dissatisfied with Jesus, Satan will tempt us to redefine His identity and alter His activity.
  • Since God made us in His image, don’t attempt to repay the favor by remaking Him in ours.

A War of Worldviews

Which One Sounds More Like You?

Who is God?The Creator of AllA concept to advance my agenda
Who has authority?God has unrivaled authorityWe are our own authority
Who am I?I’m a child of GodI am my own god
What can I do?Whatever brings glory to GodWhatever feels good to me
Who makes the rules?God’s Word is our true instructionsEveryone decides their own rules

God upholds truth, Satan distorts it, and our alignment determines to whom our allegiance lies.

Case Studies

  • How will I respond to cultural debates?
  • How will I determine who is God and who am I?

You can operate by feelings inside you, collaborate with the culture beside you, repeat the traditions behind you, or submit to the truth above you.

My identity must be defined by the One who created me and saved me.