Investigating Biblical Inerrancy

Psalm 119:81-96 – This culture seeks to lead us astray from God’s truth by planting doubt and distrust in our minds. The more we investigate Scripture, the more we find it trustworthy.

4 Steps to Consistent Bible Study

Plenty of people struggle to keep a consistent Bible reading plan due to numerous distractions that consistently keep us from this necessary discipline. These four steps can help you stay faithful in a habit that can change your life for the better.

The Grand Narrative of Scripture

Truth has a story, and the Bible puts the entire narrative together. While many people know isolated events and popular phrases from within the pages of the Scriptures, it is important to understand the big picture of what God is doing.

Needing Scripture & Distrusting Ourselves

Each of us cannot be left to our personal wisdom to determine the decisions we ought to make. We require a truth that is more trustworthy than our fickle feelings and reactionary responses.

Treasuring God’s Word

Psalm 119:1-16 – If you consider the Bible a hindrance from the life you desire, you will never value it accordingly. God’s Word is a blessing to apply and not a burden to avoid.

Devoted to Scripture

You’ve heard people say that you need to read the Bible, but what if you can’t stand reading? You’ve got to retrain your mind regarding the Bible.

Rethinking Bible Plans

We often encourage people to read God’s Word daily, but we rarely provide people with assistance so they can experience success. As you think about your personal time in the Word, do you have a plan that will help you grow in your personal discipleship?

How to Get Your Church in the Word Daily

Our church has created different Bible reading plans to help people go deeper into the Scriptures regardless of how disciplined they have been in the past. Based on the daily reading requirements, there are beginner, moderate, and advanced reading plans.

The Most Life-Changing Decision in College

The single most life-altering change I made in college was when I finally decided to read the Bible. I became dissatisfied with riding the coattails of others’ biblical knowledge, and I have yet to recover from the transformation that occurred.

Bible Reading Plans 2024

One of the surest ways to grow in Christ is by examining the Scriptures daily. Many people fail at Bible reading because they don’t have a plan or a partner, but we want to help.