Bible Reading Plans 2024

One of the surest ways to grow in Christ is by examining the Scriptures daily. Many people fail at Bible reading because they don’t have a plan or a partner, but we want to help. 

Our church has created four Bible reading plans to help you go deeper into the Scriptures regardless of how disciplined you have been in the past. If you don’t have a plan, please join us or use this plan with your church or ministry.

They received the word with eagerness and examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

Acts 17:11


We have created four Bible reading plans for 2024 for anyone to attempt. Based on the daily reading requirements, there are different levels for each reading plan.

We would recommend not choosing a more difficult plan if you have struggled with consistency in the past.

Take a step forward in 2024 with an achievable goal, and then you can attempt something more the following year. The goal is to push yourself enough to grow but not enough that you will break.


It helps to have someone aligned with you to keep you motivated. That’s why we have a wristband that corresponds with each plan. If you commit to attempting a particular one, get the accompanying band so that you can share regular insights with people in the church you know or maybe people you don’t know. The band will give a subtle sign of what others are working on and provide an opportunity to share what God is teaching you and connect with other church members.

Pivotal Passages

  • Scope: Significant themes and moments throughout the biblical narrative
  • Daily Reading: 15-20 verses
  • Band Color: White

NT + Psalms + Proverbs

  • Scope: The entire New Testament, plus Psalms and Proverbs
  • Daily Reading: 1 chapter
  • Band Color: Gray

Old Testament

  • Scope: The entire Old Testament
  • Daily Reading: 2-3 chapters
  • Band Color: Brown

Genesis to Revelation

  • Scope: A full read of the entire Bible
  • Daily Reading: 3-4 chapters
  • Band Color: Black