Scriptural Standard

If you desire to live life according to Jesus, you can’t ignore His book. The Bible has to be more than an honorable mention in your life to be a disciple of Jesus. All of your beliefs and behaviors must originate from the instructions in the Bible.

The Only Book That Doesn’t Require a 2nd Edition

Books constantly need revision because of outdated references or incorrect information, but the Bible’s message needs no update. God’s Word endures forever, and we should develop our worldview from something with such staying power.

Identity Crisis

Each of us must decide how we will determine the identity of God and ourselves. With many options out there, on what foundation will you stand?

Converge 2023

Truth has a story. While many people know isolated events described within the pages of the Bible, few understand the grand narrative of what God is doing.

How Should I Read the Bible?

The Bible is not a book to cram information into your mind. It is God’s Word for you to study as it studies you. As you prepare a plan with which to read the Bible, ensure that you know how you should be reading the Bible in the first place. Consider what God is saying. It’s time to go the second mile in reading the Bible.

When Should I Read the Bible?

Since God is the most forgiving relationship in our lives, it is easiest to neglect our obligations to Him over other people. But neglecting His Word affects our lives greatly. If you have a plan, you need to decide when you will make time to meditate on God’s Word daily.

What Should I Read in the Bible?

The Bible is a big book full of complicated stories, challenging situations, and complex settings that often seem foreign to us. Most of us never finished reading the Bible because we never started in the wisest place. It is important to know how you ought to progress.

Why Should I Read the Bible?

With the growing exposure to bite-sized social media updates and quick exposure to news, we are losing our ability to read long and read well. While there is a great danger to this for many facets of life, none is as dangerous as what it means for our ability to handle Scripture.