Converge 2023

Truth has a story. While many people know isolated events described within the pages of the Bible, few understand the grand narrative of what God is doing.

South Carolina BCM hosts an annual Converge Conference. This year, they wanted to share the overarching narrative of Scripture.


I’ll be preaching for this year’s conference. Audio will be available later.

The four sermons will break the Bible into four sections:

  1. Creation
  2. Corruption
  3. Crucifixion
  4. Commission


Deuteronomy 4:32-35 – From the very beginning, God graciously created an opportunity to know Him. No matter how frequent Mankind’s rebellion proved to be, God was relentless to redeem.


Judges 21:24-25 – The people of God progressively pushed against the ways of God and pursued the ways of the world. The further that they drifted, the more apparent it was their need for a Savior.


John 1:9-14 – Since we could not make it to heaven, heaven came to us. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus would change everything.


Acts 1:6-11 – Until Christ comes, He has called us to go with the gospel until all have heard. Our lives are purposed to join Him in making disciples of all nations.

converge outline

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Breakout Session

Identity Crisis

Each of us must decide how we will determine the identity of God and ourselves. With many options out there, on what foundation will you stand?

📖 Bible Reading Plan

For those ready to start reading the Bible after Converge, here is the plan we recommend.

The Word Bible Reading Plan is a 100-Day focus on key passages to help you understand the grand narrative of Scripture.


  • 50 days in Old Testament reading
  • 50 days in New Testament reading
  • Chronological in approach

You can download or read the plan below.

The Word 100-Day Plan


Here are 15 episodes I recorded to help guide you through the 15 weeks of readings. You can listen to them individually here or subscribe to the podcast (episodes were from the previously scheduled Converge, so you’ll have to go back).

Weekly Wrapup

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