Judges 21:24-25 – The people of God progressively pushed against the ways of God and pursued the ways of the world. The further that they drifted, the more apparent it was their need for a Savior.

[These notes are taken from 1 of 4 sermons preached at the Converge Conference navigating through the grand narrative of Scripture.]


  • The cycle of sin punished again and again.
    • When everyone does what is right in their own eyes, a culture thoroughly deteriorates.
  • A kingdom established; kings took up the crown.
    • Usurping God’s authority only reveals our own insecurity.
  • The greatest of men still let the people down.
    • Any shred of human heroics was always tainted by frustrating frailties.
  • A nation divided while prophets warned in the streets.
    • Tweaking religious devotion to satisfy personal desires always invites disaster.
  • Until godless enemies came and administered defeats.
    • God will allow temporary harm to His reputation for the eternal good of our redemption.
  • A people in exile, suffering from their guilt.
    • If you continually ask God to give you space, He will eventually grant your request.
  • A remnant returns, a city rebuilt.
    • Those who endure learn how to follow God among those who do not.
  • The people feared if they’d been left on their own.
    • There is coming a day when God will give no further words of warning.
  • 400 silent years before the answer was known.
    • If you don’t know when the Lord is coming, you better repent as if it were today.