Judges 21:24-25 – The people of God progressively pushed against the ways of God and pursued the ways of the world. The further that they drifted, the more apparent it was their need for a Savior.

When Women Work Mightily for the Kingdom

The issue of women leading in the Church is always a stumbling block for many.  Too often, we swing that pendulum too far in the opposite direction of a dangerous trend.  We either make women completely the same as men, or we say they can’t do anything that a man does.  Both are incorrect. Women are equal to men, but …


Ehud, Eglon, and God’s Preparatory Work in Us for His Glory

Last week, our entire church started studying through Judges.  As I picked up my boys from Gospel Groups, I was approached with information concerning Obadiah’s comments during large group discussion. In order to tell Amanda accurate information, I texted for clarification. I asked Obadiah where he had heard that, and he said, “You told us, remember?” Such a great laugh …


The Judges Cycle

The Book of Judges is one of the most depressing books in the Bible. As indicated in the graphic above, the people are in a continual cycle of sin, suffering, supplication, and salvation. The people would sin. God would bring about suffering in their lives for punishment. They would pray for deliverance. God would use a judge to bring about …