When Conviction Comes

Nehemiah 9:1-38 – After listening to the Word of God, the people were aware of their sins and repented. When conviction comes, we must humbly approach God with a restorative desire.

Commandments & Compromises

Your marriage would be much easier if sin weren’t in the picture. Unfortunately for you and your spouse, it is unavoidable. Your marriage can survive if you work together to navigate temptation, sin, and restoration when it all happens.

Dead to Sin

Theologically speaking, we are dead to sin, but that doesn’t mean we are free from daily struggle. How are we supposed to die to sin in our daily lives?

Fighting Temptation

Each of us experiences temptation throughout our lives. We have an intentional enemy who knows where, when, and how to attack us in vulnerable areas of weakness. Ignoring his tactics will not make you impervious to personal setbacks.

The Opportune Time

Luke 4:1-13 – Satan tempted Jesus when He was isolated and weakened. When temptation comes to us at opportune times for failure, we must stay connected to Jesus.

The Devil Can’t Make You Do It

Have you ever wondered why the devil, the imposing leader of a rebellious army of supernatural beings, appeared in the Bible first as a serpent? It may have something to do with the truth that the devil can’t make you do anything.

The God Who Is for You

God is so for you that He actually gave you commandments that will benefit your life if you choose to obey them. Don’t buy the lie that His rules are meant to take the joy from your life.