The Sin We Embrace So Quickly

Exodus 32:1-14 – The people grew impatient with Moses’ apparent delay on the mountain and decided to take idolatrous matters into their own hands. Through their example and Moses’ response, we discover what we must do with the sin we embrace so quickly.


  • When God took longer than the people expected, they justified embracing sinful alternatives (32:1).
  • The people took a resource from God and distorted it into a replacement for God (32:2-4).
  • When God didn’t work as expected, the people sought an idol to provide sensual allowances among spiritual facades (32:5-6).
  • People quickly turn from what the Scripture commands to what the crowd encourages (32:7-10).
  • Moses passed the test by prioritizing the LORD’s promises over his personal position (32:11-14).


  • We embrace sin so quickly when God doesn’t move according to our timetable.
  • To wait on God means to trust He will give you the right thing at the right time.
  • Don’t use a period of divine silence as an opportunity to create false narratives.
  • Beware the type of pressure that would cause you to walk away from the truth.
  • We are only spared from the wrath we deserve if an intercessor pleads on our behalf.