When God Attacks Affluence

Exodus 7:14-9:7 – In the first five plagues, God shows His power over the gods of Egypt and attacks the Egyptians’ many sources of affluence. Nothing in this world deserves our wholehearted trust and allegiance.


  1. Nile (7:14-25) – God humiliated the god Hapi, credited for Egypt’s source of strength found in this river. 
  2. Frogs (8:1-15) – The goddess Heqet could not remove the frogs, causing all to question whether she could help with fertility.  
  3. Gnats (8:16-19) – Gnats rose from the dust, which the earth god, Geb, was supposed to control.
  4. Flies (8:20-32) – Khepri, the scarab beetle-faced god, supposedly responsible for creation, was helpless to slow the de-creation of Egypt. 
  5. Livestock (9:1-7) – Apis, the cow-faced god, was supposed to provide answers regarding the future, but the Egyptians could find none.
  • The sorcerers lacked the power to reverse God’s plagues and eventually became too consumed to attempt replicating them.
  • God began to make an observable distinction between His people and His enemies.
  • While Pharaoh gradually considered compromises, he remained defiant.


  • Trusting in our affluent accomplishments is an invitation to have them taken away.
  • Be careful that your success doesn’t intoxicate you into believing that you’re in control.
  • If some obsession has taken God’s spot in your life, it’s time to dethrone it.