John 1:9-14 – Since we could not make it to heaven, heaven came to us. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus would change everything.


  • Glory to God and peace upon the earth.
    • Jesus’ birth announcement declared that Eden’s eviction at ended.
  • A Savior was given, a virgin gave birth.
    • Salvation must originate from what only God can do.
  • God in the flesh lived free from sin.
    • The only one able to combat sin’s punishment is He who never conformed to it.
  • Jesus conveyed grace and truth from within.
    • Jesus never lived as if compassion and conviction were enemies of one another. 
  • Recognized as teaching with authority.
    • The words of Christ prove to be reliable truth transcending every unstable culture.
  • Despised and rejected by the Pharisees.
    • We’d rather have the god we create than the God who created us.
  • Christ crucified on the hill of Calvary.
    • Jesus was willing to die so you could truly live.
  • Exchanged righteousness for our depravity.
    • Either you will pay for your sins for eternity, or Christ has already paid for them at Calvary.
  • On the third day, the Savior would rise.
    • The vacancy of Christ’s tomb beckons us to more than a dead faith.
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