Acts 1:6-11 – Until Christ comes, He has called us to go with the gospel until all have heard. Our lives are purposed to join Him in making disciples of all nations.


  • Commissioned the disciples in his ascent to the sky.
    • The Great Commission calls us to make disciples – not converts.
  • The Holy Spirit empowered; the gospel unashamed.
    • The presence of God fuels the purpose of God.
  • The Church established, giving everything away.
    • When eternity is secure, the temporal becomes inconsequential.
  • No amount of persecution could keep the message back.
    • You can live with the world’s aggression if you have the Savior’s approval.
  • Paul was converted, proclaimed the faith he attacked.
    • There is no person too far gone to be changed by the grace of God.
  • Among the nations, churches were multiplied.
    • To believe in Jesus implies that we belong to His people.
  • Letters were sent, doctrine and practice clarified.
    • Disciples must continually ensure that belief and behavior are aligned with God’s Word.
  • A revelation was given, for though the future seems grim.
    • God’s plan is going forward even when the world seems out of control.
  • Christ will return, and we will be with him.
    • God’s people will dwell in God’s place, delighting in God’s presence.