Missiology of Western Culture

We often strategize ways to impact international fields with the gospel, but Western culture is also in great need. Understanding this mission field is necessary as we seek to engage the people around us. 


Acts 1:6-11 – Until Christ comes, He has called us to go with the gospel until all have heard. Our lives are purposed to join Him in making disciples of all nations.

The Overshadowed Church

Jesus didn’t die so that we can have real estate with steeples on top. He died so that we could be reconciled to God and restored to one another.

These Secondary Issues Are Hindering Your Primary Purpose

There are primary purposes in ministry which should be prioritized, but if the secondary issues are unaddressed, they will eventually cause you to neglect the most important ones. Make sure you address secondary issues so you can fulfill your primary purpose.

The Church

After Jesus’ commissioned his disciples, he sent the Holy Spirit to empower them for the tasks assigned. On the day of Pentecost, the apostles were transformed from unsure disciples into bold missionaries. The world changed.

The Programmatic Early Church

Ministry often happens by unexpected opportunities, but they are often crafted and even encouraged by intentional gatherings. Programs aren’t evil. They are even somewhat necessary.

Bible Reading Basics

We all know the discouragement that comes when we attempt to read the Bible with great eagerness only to quit once a personal streak is broken. If we are going to be committed to knowing the God of the Bible, we must maintain our time in it.

Ministry Is Both Ability and Availability

We often pit ministry ability and availability as competing goals, but, in reality, they are complimentary parts of the whole. To impact people significantly, we cannot neglect either the public or the personal side of ministry.

Multiplying Mindset at Church

One of the greatest blessings is when a small group begins to feel like a family, but that is also one of the greatest dangers as well if it prohibits others from experiencing the same thing. Are we willing to sacrifice for the sake of others?

Siphoning Gas in the Church Parking Lot

As I was working in the church office one day, we noticed someone siphoning gas from my truck. Who in the world would drive to a church campus just to take? More people than you can possibly imagine.