Church & Instructions

As Christianity spread throughout the world after Jesus’ ascension, the leaders attempted to keep the movement to Christ’s example and intention. The mission advanced quickly through the establishment of churches and the spreading of letters.

Damascus & Council

Saul’s conversion dramatically changed the missional focus of the early Church and Christianity as a whole. During that time, the gospel opened the door to both Jews and Gentiles, and the Jerusalem Council ensured it would stay that way.

Pentecost & Persecution

The Holy Spirit empowered the disciples on Pentecost, but they required persecution to move them out of Jerusalem. God uses varied catalysts to send His people out on mission.

Getting Over the Fear of Evangelism

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a disciple quite like the expectation to share Christ with another person. We must learn to embrace our commitment to Jesus so much that it becomes an easy thing for us to talk about Jesus to others.

Starting Gospel Conversations

Even when we understand the message of the Gospel and the method we would like to share, we can struggle to learn the best way to begin a conversation. Crossing the bridge into a spiritual conversation can be difficult but is much needed. 

Organic & Organized Local Missions

Some churches pit organic and organized evangelistic efforts against each other. Both are important. You want the natural relational evangelism to take place, but churches would benefit by creating organized efforts too.

Missiology of Western Culture

We often strategize ways to impact international fields with the gospel, but Western culture is also in great need. Understanding this mission field is necessary as we seek to engage the people around us. 


Acts 1:6-11 – Until Christ comes, He has called us to go with the gospel until all have heard. Our lives are purposed to join Him in making disciples of all nations.

The Overshadowed Church

Jesus didn’t die so that we can have real estate with steeples on top. He died so that we could be reconciled to God and restored to one another.

These Secondary Issues Are Hindering Your Primary Purpose

There are primary purposes in ministry which should be prioritized, but if the secondary issues are unaddressed, they will eventually cause you to neglect the most important ones. Make sure you address secondary issues so you can fulfill your primary purpose.