Starting Gospel Conversations

Even when we understand the message of the Gospel and the method we would like to share, we can struggle to learn the best way to begin a conversation. Crossing the bridge into a spiritual conversation can be difficult but is much needed. 

The Question: What would you say is the most difficult part of evangelism? Starting the conversation, the message, calling for a response? 

Biblical Considerations

  • Ask God for wisdom and opportunities (Acts 8:26-29).
  • Respond to the Lord’s calling to share (Acts 8:30-31).
  • Study now so you will be prepared later (Acts 8:32-34).
  • The Lord is already working before we get involved. 

Building Bridges

  • Learn to use bridges to link your current conversation to a spiritual one. 
  • CHURCH Bridge
    • “Do you attend church anywhere?” 
    • “Where are you in your own personal search for meaning and purpose in life?”
    • “Is there a specific question or concern that is hanging you up in your spiritual journey?”
    • “What do you think of?” (God, Jesus Christ, religion, the Bible, meaning of life, etc.)
    • “The Bible is a remarkably relevant book. Would you like to see what it has to say about this issue?”
  • SPORTS Bridge
    • “Did you know that (name of well-known athlete) is a Christian?”
  • FELT NEEDS Bridge
    • Used to show how the Gospel answers the deepest needs of people.
  • PRAYER Bridge
    • “Is there something I could pray about for you?”
    • “We’ve been friends for a while now. We have talked together about so many things, yet there is a very important part of my life I have never shared with you. Could I share with you about my spiritual pilgrimage?”