Methods of Evangelism, Part 3

We can only know which method of sharing the gospel is most comfortable to us by practice and repetition. Once we have a preferred method, we can start to learn the best way to call for a response. 

Methods of Evangelism, Part 2

There are many methods to share the gospel, and there is no one surefire way. It is best to find some options that you feel comfortable using and get started by telling the greatest news to your closest relationships.

Methods of Evangelism

There is no one method for sharing the Good News of Jesus. The best practice is the one that makes us feel the most comfortable. 

Prayer and Evangelism

Prayer ought to be a vital component to anyone’s evangelism efforts. We don’t desire to trust in our abilities but seek to align, through prayer, with the One who cares for others more than we do.

Motivations for Evangelism

As Christians, we are called to evangelism. But why should we be motivated to do so? The more we understand Christ’s love for us, the more we will want to share it with others. 

Foundations of Evangelism

The task of evangelism is an expectation of all followers of Jesus, but few of us feel comfortable in undertaking it. We must understand the foundation of evangelism if we are to prioritize it in our lives.

We Advertise What We Adore

We’ve all felt guilt for not talking about the LORD intentionally with others, but we should never have to force ourselves. Without prompting, we advertise what we adore.

Evangelism (Entrust Course)

You don’t have to be crippled in fear when sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Learn how to share the gospel confidently in a manner that is faithful to the biblical message and with a method that is adaptable to each individual.

The Reason We Struggle with Evangelism

You don’t have to share Jesus with others – you get to share Jesus with others! Maybe the reason you struggle in evangelism is that you’ve never considered what a privilege it is.