The Global Mission Starts with Individual Evangelism

When we often think about the task of global missions, we can easily be overwhelmed by the great scope of work required. This worldwide task must begin much smaller with individual disciples taking personal responsibility for the work.

Getting Over the Fear of Evangelism

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a disciple quite like the expectation to share Christ with another person. We must learn to embrace our commitment to Jesus so much that it becomes an easy thing for us to talk about Jesus to others.

Assurance of Salvation

After we have put our faith in Jesus, we can often be led to question our salvation due to our circumstances. When we put our faith in Jesus, His work has saved us once and for all. 

Next Steps in Evangelism

Once someone has received the gospel, our job is incomplete. Jesus has called us to baptize those individuals and disciple them into mature faith.

Obstacles in Evangelism

As we share our faith, we will encounter common pushback. We need to understand these obstacles in order to help people move past them. 

Starting Gospel Conversations

Even when we understand the message of the Gospel and the method we would like to share, we can struggle to learn the best way to begin a conversation. Crossing the bridge into a spiritual conversation can be difficult but is much needed. 

Children and Evangelism

The Gospel is not just for those of a certain age. Jesus himself teaches that we should invite children to believe in Him. Ultimately, Evangelism begins in the home. 

Organic & Organized Local Missions

Some churches pit organic and organized evangelistic efforts against each other. Both are important. You want the natural relational evangelism to take place, but churches would benefit by creating organized efforts too.

Methods of Evangelism, Part 3

We can only know which method of sharing the gospel is most comfortable to us by practice and repetition. Once we have a preferred method, we can start to learn the best way to call for a response. 

Methods of Evangelism, Part 2

There are many methods to share the gospel, and there is no one surefire way. It is best to find some options that you feel comfortable using and get started by telling the greatest news to your closest relationships.