Methods of Evangelism, Part 3

We can only know which method of sharing the gospel is most comfortable to us by practice and repetition. Once we have a preferred method, we can start to learn the best way to call for a response. 

Methods Recap

  • Personal Testimony – Life before Christ, how Jesus saved you, life after Christ. 
  • Tracts – Share the Gospel on the go and have something for others to take with them. 
  • Roman Road – Use the book of Romans to show how we need a Savior, and Christ died for us. 
  • 3 Circles – Our world is broken, but there is hope in Christ.

Other Ways Of Sharing 

  • Neighborhood/ Home Bible Study
    • Invite neighbors to learn an overview of the Bible. 
  • Service
    • Open up avenues of sharing the Gospel by serving others. 

Calling For A Response

John 4:35-38  

  • We should call for response because the field is ripe for harvest (John 4:35-38)
  • A response is showing saving faith. 

Do’s in Calling for a Response

  • Believe that salvation calls for a response. 
  • Stress that saving faith requires more than just knowing facts. 
  • Stress that the issue in salvation is not “Will God accept me?” but “Will I accept His gracious offer?”

Don’ts in Calling for a Response

  • Don’t call for a response until you suspect the person understands the Gospel. 
  • Don’t use manipulation (2 Cor. 5:20).
  • Don’t allow a person to believe that he is saved through merely saying the words of a prayer.

Psalm 90:17 Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us; establish for us the work of our hands—establish the work of our hands!

Application: Consider your biggest fear in calling for a response. What can you do to overcome that fear?