The Proclaiming Church


In Acts 3-4, we see the story of the lame man sitting outside the temple.  Peter and John pass by and instead of giving him money, they get him to walk.  Much better.

As they enter the temple, the man is leaping and praising God.  He is also clinging to those that reached out to him.  And with the great thing that happened, enemies of Jesus are against it completely.

Here are some things to note about this proclaiming church:

  • There’s just something about that name.  Throughout this passage, the name of Jesus Christ is emphasized.  It was in the name he was healed (3:6), the name gave faith (3:16), the name was given credit (4:10), the name is the only one able to give salvation (4:12), they were threatened no more to speak in that name (4:17), and saw power in that name (4:30).  The power is not in us, it’s in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Take every platform for the gospel you can.  When everyone’s attention was on Peter for what they thought he did, he took the opportunity to preach to listening ears.  When you have obtained the attention of others, point them towards Jesus.
  • Recognized as having been with Jesus.  People could tell Peter and John weren’t educated or trained, but they were sure of one fact – they had been with Jesus!  It was obvious!  They talked like him.  Walked like him.  Acted like him.  Could people tell that of us?
  • Cannot stop talking about Jesus.  It wasn’t a matter if they should talk about Jesus or not, they couldn’t.  When you have been radically transformed by Jesus, you can’t help but to talk about him!
  • Praying for boldness, not safety.  As they were threatened, they did not pray for safety.  They asked for boldness.  They wanted to speak well of Jesus no matter the circumstances.
  • Kingdom is here and there.  They spoke with boldness in their Jerusalem.  They preached the gospel in their hometown.  They believed the Great Commission to be both here and there.  Too often times, we think the Great Commission to only be in a distant land, when the gospel needs to be proclaimed right where we are.