2022 Annual Report

We are consistently amazed at what Jesus is doing through the Rocky Creek Church family. As we celebrate what He has done in 2022, we anticipate what He will accomplish in 2023.

Waypoint (November 2022)

Waypoint is a quarterly event intended to celebrate what God is doing through our church family. At the November 2022 gathering, we celebrated what God did in the past year and looked ahead at what we prayerfully anticipate doing in the coming year.

What Must a Church Do?

Jesus expects a local church to do their part in carrying out the Great Commission. Our activities, when we gather together, should originate from His call on our lives. 

What Makes a Church?

Since a local church is a body instead of a building, certain necessary distinctives must be present. To have a biblical church, we cannot ignore biblical requirements. 

Who Are the People of God?

We will never understand what the Church should do until we know what the Church actually is. The Church is the people of God united for the purposes of God.  

Advice for Church Shoppers

If you are church shopping, let me give you some important advice: Do not come to a new church and expect it to operate like the one you just left. Perhaps the thing you miss might have contributed to its collapse.

Waypoint (Fall 2022)

As a church, we’re not there yet, but we are getting there. Check out this video update of the progress we are making as a church family.

Securing the Church

With the rise of gun violence and sexual abuse cases, it is important to know what we do as a church for precautionary measures. While no steps can guarantee the avoidance of such a tragedy, we seek to be diligent to minimize the possibilities.

Leaving Jesus Destitute

Matthew 25:31-46 – In The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, Jesus taught that whatever we do for others, or refuse to do, directly correlates to our relationship with Him. By refusing to meet the needs of others, many of us have left Jesus destitute.