Outlook Magazine

We have much to celebrate as a church, and we don’t want to rush by the opportunity to do so. Our Outlook Magazine celebrates what Jesus did among us in 2023 and anticipates what He will do in 2024.

The Reason Both Your Church and Pastor Fail

Many churches struggle because they expect the pastor to do what he is called not to do. Your leader’s role is not to do all the ministry required but to equip the membership to meet all needs together.

Family Ministry Rules & Responses

How should church leaders and ministry volunteers interact with misbehaving children and questioning parents? You’re not helping anyone if you don’t address the issues, but there are wiser ways to do so.

Walk Worthily & Togetherly

In our desire to prioritize one’s personal relationship with Jesus, we often miss the necessary nature of discipleship being worked out in community with other believers. We can’t seek to walk worthily if we are unwilling to do so togetherly.

Spiritual Slumber

There are many people out there who are spiritually dead, but there are others who are simply asleep. We are called to help one another wake up to the spiritual realities around us to stay watchful.

Church Changes to Unite Families

If we are not careful, our churches’ programming will widen the division already present among family members. Here are some changes to consider regarding how your church can unite your family to pursue Christ.

Waypoint (Fall 2023)

God has been so good to us at Rocky Creek. Here are some updates on what’s been happening over the last quarter, and we also want to share some important news about what is happening next.

Jesus Loves Us This I Know

Jesus loves me, this I know, but the Bible tells me that He loves us so. The widespread form of His love teaches something important about His heart and our need for one another.

Church Hurt Is a Real Thing

Being a part of a church is difficult because people are involved. We must learn how to be patient with others and pray they can be patient with us as we seek to follow Jesus together.