Seeking Community

In our age of pseudo-community provided by digital technology, we are missing out on the connection we were designed to meet and need. If you struggle to find your footing right now, it may be because you aren’t standing beside others.

Preparing for Easter

As much of the world pauses this week to remember Jesus’ death on the cross and celebrate His resurrection from the tomb, have you ever considered how to best prepare? Following these simple steps can help you grow and reach others this week.

5 Critical Values for a Church Staff

Your church’s health is not only significantly influenced by the maturity of its staff, but its effectiveness is primarily determined by the values that motivate them. Here are five values that can help ground your staff on biblical ministry as a church.

Stop Lying in Church

It’s OK if everything isn’t OK in your life, but it’s not OK to deny it. If we are honest with other believers about our struggles, we can find the prayerful support we desperately need.

It’s Sunday (But Monday’s Coming)

Many ministry leaders know how to operate intentionally on Sundays but fail to capture the rest of the week’s potential. Be the most effective and efficient version of yourself for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Waypoint (February 2023)

The February 2023 edition of Waypoint is a great way to summarize what God has been doing at Rocky Creek. Watch this 4-minute video, and discover what has happened and what is happening next.

When a Church Isn’t a Church

A church must be built on Jesus, just like our lives must be centered around Him. If a church is grounded on something other than Jesus, it might not really be a church.

Grow Up to Build Up

We often speak of the individualized side of following Jesus to warn others from a false belief of inheriting the benefits of another’s devotion, but we also miss something. One Christian’s growth should help build the rest of us up.

The Overshadowed Church

Jesus didn’t die so that we can have real estate with steeples on top. He died so that we could be reconciled to God and restored to one another.