Chicken’s in the Box!

We started our backyard Bible club in Abbeville last night for n*gage. We are taking college students and 20-somethings to a park and investing in these kids’ lives for the summer on every Tuesday night. Last night was great. The kids were wonderful. So much fun. I got to meet some of their parents last night who were very appreciative of us doing it. One mom even said, “Go get your brother, you know he need to go to church!”
Audrey was leading the Bible story last night (and her and her crew did an unbelievable job), she was telling the story of Creation and used balloons to explain all of creation. And everytime God created something, Ben did the job of screaming at the top of his lungs, “Wooooooooooowheeeeeeeeeee, this is gooooooooooooooooood!” Love the Hjalmers.
But Audrey said that God’s final creation, she’s not good enough to make on balloons, that only God could make it. When Ben pulled out the box, one kid, said “Chicken!” No, that’s a good guess that God’s final and greatest creation could be associated with Kentucky Fried Chicken, but…
Ben took around the box and opened it for every child to see. One of them said, “A mirror?!” Ben said, “look again.”
And the child replied, “Oh, me.”
It’s gonna be a good summer.
Ben at Engage