Spirit and Truth

After the message on Sunday on worship, Amanda and I had to jet to Columbia because she was singing in a concert. But I did get to steal away for a moment and do what I promised to do: I sought God and asked Him was He pleased in worship today?

As I prayed and allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to my heart, I thought about many of North Side’s members. I heard your voices. I could sense your conviction. And I honestly felt like that God found some of the worshippers He was seeking yesterday on Northside Dr. He searches for those who worship in spirit and in truth, and I honestly believe he found some yesterday in our midst.

My prayer is that our church grows in our worship of Him. That doesn’t mean that the music gets better or we get cooler lights or neater equipment. That just means that our hearts draw even more to Him. It’s not when we wear out the songs, but it is when the songs wear us out.

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