Drums are Made for Community

If you were at North Side yesterday, you were in for a treat with Jamie Parler giving the word on community. Jamie is our Community Pastor and showed that, like a drum set, individual parts just don’t sound good. They need community.

I love Jamie for many reasons: 1) he is an awesome drummer, 2) he loves Jesus, 3) he is the ultimate hang-out guy, 4) he is passionate about serving the King and the Kingdom, 5) he is a great husband and father, 6) he has the most random collection of music, 7) he can turn any conversation into something about food, 8) he has a deep phobia of those cup holders that they give you at McDonald’s, 9) he has nicknamed me “He-Baby,” and 10) he is getting people plugged into community all over Greenwood.

How I love me some Jamie Parler.
Cup holder

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