Engage Testimonies

Here is a neat testimony that happenned the other night at Engage when we presented the gospel with those kids:

Janel and I had the opportunity to talk with three girls, only one who was really old enough to comprehend the gospel. The other little girls just sat there on our laps and played with the grass. However, one girl whil will be in sixth grade this year, Rhen, accepted Christ. She said that she said the prayer with Travis for the first time on Tuesday night and she answered confidently that she knew she was assured of heaven because of that prayer. We asked her if she went to church and she said that she did. We talked to her about baptism and growing in the Lord. The neat thing is that I believe it was Rhen’s first time attending the backyard Bible club all summer. God brought her on the best night! 🙂 Please pray for Rhen; that she will/has gone home and told her parents that Jesus saved her. She said her parents are christians. Pray for their family/church family as they help her to grow in her relationship with Christ. -Audrey Neal