The Wow Factor

At North Side, we’re starting a new series in the morning entitled, “The Wow Factor.” With a lot of attention going into our new building about to open, we feel like at the start of school we are going to have a lot of occasional visitors to come back to church. They are the people who live one “wow” to the next. They show up to church when God does something amazing in their lives, but when the humdrum of the everyday bears upon them, their relationship with God becomes a casual acquaintance.

There is a phrase we heard one of our college students use, I don’t know where she got it specifically or if she came up with it, but it got us thinking in this direction. She said that with God, “some days are wow days, and some days are vow days.” There are those moments in life when we are in awe of what God is doing and it is so easy to follow him. And then there are those days, where we don’t “feel” like following Christ, but we do it anyway. Because of the vow.

There will be days in any marriage, that the wow wears off. But when the vow wears off, there is trouble. We are praying that people will stop living one wow to the next, and start walking after Christ due to their vow that was made. I can’t wait until the end of Jeff’s message – there is this illustration we’ve been wanting to use for years, but it was never the right time. But it is now.

Much props to Jamie, John, Wes, Cory, and Heather for all their hard work putting together the Compass Magazine. Tomorrow we are doing something extremely fantastic – we are merging our Compass newsletter and our C-Group curriculum into a comprenhsive guide encompassing everything. The content is fantastic. The layout is amazing. I think this magazine is going to help people grow personally with Christ and provide a great avenue for North Siders to invest in the lives of those around them.

See you in the morning!

By the way – utmost respect to whoever can name this game…


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