Does God Keep a Record of My Wrongs?

“Does God keep a record of my wrongs?” That’s the questions we’re going to attempt to answer tonight at Fusion. We are going through our Godipedia series right now. We’re trying to get back a clear, biblical understanding of who God truly is. Some people view God as this “Cosmic Scorekeeper” who is counting every good thing and every bad thing we ever do, just waiting around the corner to get us back.

God does know when we sin. He knows when we will sin next. And there seems to be cases in the Bible when God pays people back for rotten lifestyles. But what about now? Was that just the “God of the Old Testament” or does Jesus just as disgusted with my sinful behavior. Does there come a point when God just forgives and forgives, and then he just decides to payback? Come tonight to Fusion to hear God’s Word on the subject.

Also, don’t forget about the Pic-It for Ticket Contest and the upcoming Dodgeball Tournament.

The Cosmic Scorekeeper