Jesus Paid It All

What another great Sunday!  Week two in the new worship center proved to see tons of people come out and hear the beauty of the gospel.  Jeff’s message was so on.  I was so amazed at hearing the gospel presented so clearly and so passionately.  It was great to be able to pray and think about all those people coming to check out a building come and be found by Jesus!  It was so great.

Worship Songs on Sunday (these songs are also in the Bookstore at North Side where the money is going to our Global Impact Partnerships):

I’m really excited about our new series starting up this week entitled, “Leaving Planet Self.”  If people get real before God, they are going to realize that every single one of their problems have to do with selfishness.  If we can deal with our pride, we can just about nip any problem we are having in our lives.  The message is going to be a little different this week.  I don’t want to give away any hints yet, but I might later this week…