Hermeneutics with Stick People


North Side U is starting next Sunday, and I’m wrapping up some work on the class that I am teaching: Hermeneutics. Don’t let the big word scare you, it’s about reading the Bible for all its worth.

I mean it can’t be hard if I’m using stick people to teach it. Have you ever read a passage that you thought could no way relate to you? What about ignoring certain books of the Bible because they are too confusing? Have you ever wondered how to apply biblical passages that just seem to be telling a story? Those are the questions we’re going to answer in this class.

The reason for this class: people can get into dangerous situations when they misinterpret the Bible. And people do it all the time. Wars have been started, marriages started or ended, employment has shifted, doctrines have been accepted all because people don’t know how to interpret the Bible correctly (2 Tim. 2:15). We’re going to have some curriculum that I am feverishly trying to complete and hopefully you will have all types of tools to help equip you once these weeks are over. Hope I can see you there.

If you want to sign up for this six week class or one of the other four great classes, you can register online here.

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