Pride Kills/Humility Heals

Today was another great Sunday at North Side. What a great way to start the week worshipping with the family.

Today in worship, we sang these songs:

The video that we used today in worship is called “Go Deeper.”

We used it as a plug to get people into North Side University which starts this coming Sunday, October 7. If you want to go deeper in some foundational Christian learning, sign up for NSU today – we need to know how many to expect.
The message that Jeff and I tag-teamed is one of those difficult messages. We didn’t have to wonder if it related to people. We know that we all deal with the pride issue, we just prayed that it connected and people understood that we must do something because pride kills but humility heals. We pray that in the coming weeks as we continue in our series, “Leaving Planet Self,” we will learn to get rid of the pride that resides in our lives.

Leaving Planet Self

Hope you picked up your Compass and started reading the devotional material today. I love that we get to be on this journey together!

Here is the Humility Test we used yesterday. If you want to see if you truly are humble, ask yourself these questions honestly.

• How do you act when you are snubbed, ignored, over-look or not appreciated?
• Do you ever see yourself as more spiritual than others?
• Do you have a critical tongue or a critical spirit? Is it easy for you to find fault?
• Do you look down on people who do not make the same lifestyle choices as you?
• Do you spend undue time and attention on your physical apperance?
• Do you worry about what other people think of you?
• Are you argumentative?
• Do you frequently think that your way is the right way?
• Do you have a hard time confessing your sins to God and others? Specific sins!
• Do you get defensive when you are criticized and others don’t agree with you?
• Do you express, verbalize gratitude for the little things in life.
• When was the last time you said these words to a family member, co-worker, or friend, “I was wrong; will you forgive me?” A month? Haven’t you sinned in a month?

Are you conceited? C.S. Lewis says that if you answer no to that question, then you are conceited.